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Dear friends,

My name is Miodrag Mićić, CEO of Multisoft, a pioneer and leading educational software company in Serbia for over two decades. I am writing to introduce you to our educational project "Gift Children with Knowledge" and to ask for your support.

Investing in education and continuously modernizing teaching methods must be an imperative for every society in the 21st century, and digital literacy is the key to the success of our children, the future young people capable of working in the digital age. Only by improving the quality of education we can change our country for the better.

Unfortunately, the state of education in Serbia requires much greater support. In addition to insufficient investment in digital education by the state, one of the biggest challenges we face is the habit of users to exclusively use free software, often illegal and pirated, which deprives children of the opportunity to access quality education. Due to this, our initiative is even more important.

Our project aims to address this challenge by providing access to high-quality educational programs designed for children of all ages.

During 400,000 working hours we have developed 42 multimedia educational programs for students and 50 for teachers, which are the best of their kind in Serbia. For 15 programs aimed at young children, we made an extra effort and recorded 19,000 sound clips with actors to make it easier for children to use the programs independently.

Our wish is to allow the free usage of “Ce De Bukvar” (the best program in Serbia of all time and representative of Serbia and Montenegro at the World Summit on the Information Society organized by the United Nations), intended for children of preschool and early elementary school age, and perhaps even some of our other programs, or even all of them, which could result in hundreds of thousands of free copies.

By supporting our project, you will help us to provide access to quality education for children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to benefit from it. As a sponsor of our project, your company will receive prominent recognition in our programs and be recognized as a champion of education among our audience of thousands of users.

Please find attached more detailed texts and links that explain this entire project, our company, multimedia products and their target groups, the most important prizes, excerpts from reviews, as well as our most important socially responsible activities with which, along with the fight against piracy, we popularized science, digital literacy and knowledge suitable for the 21st century.

We hope that you will consider supporting our project and help us in our mission to give the gift of knowledge to children. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Miodrag Mićić
CEO of Multisoft


Complete PROJECT - Help Us Achieve Our Mission: Support Our Project Today! (multisoft.rs)

About Multisoft - About Multisoft

Our greatest successes - The Most Important Successes (multisoft.rs)

Excerpts from reviews and awards - The Most Important Reviews (multisoft.rs)


Our programs for studentshttps://www.multisoft.rs/free_download/ms_za_djake.pdf

Our programs for teachershttps://www.multisoft.rs/free_download/ms_za_skole.pdf

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